An Amendment that Changed Ohio

Ohio voters authorized casino gambling in 2009 and joined the bandwagon of other states that decided to reap the tax benefits of legalized gambling. The Ohio constitutional amendment was narrowly approved but has had an immediate impact in the number of casino’s built in the state.  To date, Ohio has four casino’s and six racino’s. The constant question regarding the casinos remains, is the tax money that rakes in benefiting Ohio citizens? Whatever your opinion on the issue may be, if you live in Ohio, there is likely a casino or racino nearby. 

Ohio’s newest racino is ready to open in Dayton. Hollywood Gaming at Dayton Raceway will open for business Thursday, becoming the sixth racino in the state. Another near Youngstown is slated to start operations next month. Numbers from the state show that Ohio’s racinos are on track to make more money than the state’s four casinos once the sites in Dayton and Youngstown are up and running.