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You may be experiencing a very upsetting time of your life when hiring the services of a Cleveland law firm. Whether you’re having issues regarding your family, your business, or your property, you’d like to work with a Cleveland attorney who is compassionate, thoughtful, professional, and understanding. These are all reasons why our clients choose to work with us.

Cleveland Law Firm Client Testimonials

Review our client testimonials below to understand why Manning & Clair is their Cleveland law firm of choice:

  • “It can be really intimidating to work through legal affairs, especially when paperwork can be extremely convoluted. The team at Manning & Clair was wonderful! They were so helpful and made everything easy to understand. Throughout my entire experience, I felt like I had a partner that was also a resource for all of my questions. It was so appreciated!” – Nina

  • “Through various amounts of business litigation, Manning and Clair have done an excellent job at every task I’ve sent their way. Friendly and efficient staff with a vast knowledge pool. Will continue to use in the future.” – Justin

  • “Very knowledgeable and easy to work with! Highly recommend.” – Tamara

Francis P. (Frank) Manning, Esq.

  • “I have been with Frank Manning for over 4 years now and couldn’t be happier. He really tries to understand your business before making the proper suggestions and recommendations. He does everything with professionalism and gets back to you promptly. If you are looking for a great business attorney, Frank is your man!” – David

  • “Frank and his team have been such a pleasure to work with. Very professional and hard working, and I love the new office in Downtown Willoughby. Thank you!” – Natalie

Celina T. Colombo, Esq.

  • “Celina Colombo was purely professional, knowledgeable, and demonstrated timeliness and efficiency in all communication from the first moment we spoke on the phone for a consultation, until the moment my final documents were addressed and completed. She made the process comfortable, not intimidating or embarrassing. I would highly recommend her services, and have zero reservation in utilizing Manning & Clair for any legal needs. They are the best Cleveland law firm in the market.” – Jessica

  • “I highly recommend the Cleveland law firm of Manning & Clair. Celina was incredible to work with and to have as support throughout my divorce process. She provided a professional, knowledgeable, and common sense approach to my situation. She was caring and empathetic but provided the appropriate reality checks when needed.” – John

  • “Celina was very knowledgeable, kind, and understanding about my domestic relation issues. She put an extraordinary amount of time and effort into preparing for court and helped me get my children back! I would recommend her to anyone looking for a lawyer. I am extremely pleased with the job she did for me! Thank you so much, Celina!” – Michelle

  • “Celina worked very hard on my long and exhausting divorce. Celina is a lawyer with compassion and patience, and helped to address my concerns each step of the way. I can not thank her enough for all her legal expertise, perseverance, professionalism and keeping me calm in an emotional time of my life. I’d highly recommend her with any legal matters.” – Chris

  • “I have had the privilege of working with Celina at Manning and Clair regarding domestic issues related to shared parenting, child support, and interpretation of the most current laws and legal precedents. She impressed me with her professionalism since day one. Celina is very quick to follow up or respond to any of my queries, even texting or calling to reply after normal business hours – always greatly appreciated. I cannot begin to explain how much it means to have the confidence that comes with excellent, knowledgeable, professional legal representation. I would recommend Manning and Clair, and specifically Celina, to my closest friends or relatives.” – Eric

Shannon M. Cianciola, Esq.

  • “Shannon was very nice and professional with all my questions and concerns. Would recommend!” – Charles

  • “We have used Manning and Clair for several commercial real estate purchase agreements and leases. Shannon was a pleasure to work with, and was always very responsive, especially when there were time-sensitive issues that needed immediate attention. I believe that the pricing is very fair.” – Sergio

  • “I worked directly with Shannon on a quit claim deed. Super fast, professional customer service. When we went into the office to drop off the document, that trip was equally as speedy. Filing was done almost immediately. Very grateful for their service.” – Hope

  • “We have primarily worked with Shannon at Manning & Clair and are grateful to have an attorney we trust, is highly knowledgeable and who truly cares about her clients!” – Jennifer

  • “We use Shannon there, probate attorney and she has done an outstanding job!” – Diana

Josephine L. Begin, Esq.

  • “Josephine Begin was a fantastic advocate for me. I would highly recommend her and Manning and Clair to help you navigate any of your legal issues.” – Nate

  • “Ms. Josephine Begin was an extraordinary help. She was extremely knowledgeable and immediately put me at ease with my issue. After we resolved it, she even gave me tips to protect myself legally in the future. I would definitely recommend Manning & Clair if you’re looking for a Cleveland law firm.” – Katelyn

  • “If you want a lawyer who will fight for you and work hard for your case, then get a hold of Josephine Begin and Manning and Clair!” – Joseph

  • “Josephine B. has been incredibly helpful through a number of small legal issues I’ve had questions about over the past year or two. She even referred me to an excellent personal injury firm for a work related injury. Thanks, Josie!” – Alex
  • “Josephine Begin was a fantastic, professional and informative advocate. Would highly recommend her and Manning and Clair to help you navigate any legal issues.” – Nate